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What if there were a device on your home that …
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 We think you should have a choice about something that so intimately affects your daily life.  Because there are serious health and privacy concerns with “smart” or “advanced” utility meters, we are pressing for a new state law that would, like similar laws already passed in 14 states, protect our right to decide if we want to assume those risks.

In 2016 a bill was introduced by Rep Gary Glenn with 13 cosponsors, and would have provided that protection. But the then Chairman of the House Energy Committee refused to consider the bill.

Now, we are in a new legislative term (2017-2018) and Rep Glenn is now the Chairman of the House Energy Committee. Glenn has reintroduced his legislation as House Bill 4220, with 18 cosponsors, and has already held a number of hearings on the bill. The new bill, if passed by both House and Senate and signed by the Governor, will assure that we, as homeowners can decide what does or doesn’t go onto or into our homes, and also assure that businesses that want to protect their employees and customers from these risks are free to do so.

To insure that homeowners and businesses will be free to make these choices here in Michigan we urge you to:

  • Call your Michigan state house representative and express your support for utility meter choice legislation;
  • Signup on this site for updates so that we can keep you informed as more information about the house bill and meter choice becomes available.