The Followup You Requested

 A month or so back you viewed our 1-1/2 minute introductory video “My Smart Meter Does What?”, showing how a smart electric, gas or water meter could harm your health and your privacy in your own home. We asked you to consider supporting Michigan House Bill 4916, which would guarantee to all utility customers the right to choose whether or not to have one of the new meters on their home or business. Some of you requested to be kept on our mailing list for further information.

Here is our first followup, a link to a three minute youtube video by the ACLU, showing the many devices creeping into our lives that take away our privacy and autonomy. While smart meters are not shown in the video, they have many of the same characteristics as the devices that are shown:

Most of the devices shown in the above video are devices many of us voluntarily choose to use, despite the privacy risks. Smart meters are different in that Michigan utilities have made them mandatory as a condition for receiving electrical service. The courts so far have upheld the right of utilities to do this to us. To change that we need a new law. That is what Michigan House Bill 4916 will do: give us the firm legal foundation to say whether we want this device on our home or not.
Please call your representative in the Michigan House and tell him or her that you support meter choice legislation.
There is one other thing you can do that will be very helpful. Give us your name, city of residence and a phone contact number. We ask this because a time will come later this year when we will need to mobilize a large number of folks to call their representatives all within a short period of time. We need a way to contact you if you will help in this effort!

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